General Information

Moto-Box is our proposal of mobile, durable and safe garage for motorcycles. What distinguishes it from other products with a similar usage is a smart design, which is characterized by high resistance, simplicity of construction and the highest quality of materials. High-grade steel protected by anti-corrosion coating in combination with epoxy resin ensures excellent durability while specially planed floor area allows aesthetic load down of Moto-Box by popular sett.

Moto-Box is a product made on order. We are taking into account individual preferences and needs of the user. For technological reasons and to preserve all useful Moto-Box attributes, there is no option of changing its width. All suggestions connected with modification of color, detail work, additional installations, and even placed of personalized graphics on the outer walls, are considered individually and with concern for customer satisfaction.

We offer both, Moto-Box with standardized dimensions designed for the needs of big motorcycles and optimized versions for smaller machines. Now we are working on another innovative models, which are in the prototyping phase. After the phase of restrictive tests, we will enrich the offer with new Moto-Box models.