Moto-Box is an innovative, secure garage for motorcycles. It effectively protects the machine against the various weather conditions, vandalism attacks, thefts and accidental damages. Specially shaped sealed floor also protects the environment from technical liquids pollution while ventilation system draws moisture and prevents heat accumulation inside the box.


An automatic „catch”, stabilizing and detaching the front wheel system, as well as precise guides, not only allows for effortless moving of the motorcycle inside the box but also for free and easy servicing works in front of the Moto-Box.

The Universality

Width, height and length of the standard Moto-Box are designed for the biggest mass-produced motorcycles (112 x 160 x 270 cm). At the same time, construction allows for many modifications, thanks to which the garage can be adapted to your needs, including quality of detail work, choice of color, and even individual graphics on the outer walls.

Moto-Box is a self-supporting, non-flammable, ventilated, steel construction with tight floor. It doesn’t require any foundation and it enables easy load down with sand or concrete.